Letters from the Kids

These letters just came in the mail from the first graders who visited us last month. Excuse their spelling errors. It is their thoughts that really count.

We had two hours together. They fed snails and worms to the ducks, checked the temperature of the compost piles, examined our rainwater-fed duck pond and fed the fish in it, harvested Calendula flowers, explored the greenhouse made of recycled redwood and salvaged stained glass, collected warm chicken eggs, heard a Mockingbird do a variety of other birds’ calls, decorated easter eggs with berries and flowers, and ate lunch in the garden.

Dear Suzanne, 
I lovd the ducks and I also lovd feeding the ducks and also lovd the chickins. I also lovd holding the snales and worms. I also lovd wen we were picking the flawers. And I also lovd macking the Easter eggs and I also lovd finding eggs. That was fun wen we wer living (leaving) at the last moment a chickin lade a egg. Thank you it was a funn day.
Love, Tierra

Dear Suzanne, 
 I liked the ducks because I like the noise they made. I liked the chickens noises and thair soft fethers and i also liked the stinky-stinky-stinky composts. It was enteresting checing the dugrees and the hot hot mud by mud i meen soiol (soil). And I alsow liked painting the eggs. Thank yuo for inviting us to your farm. 
 Sincerely, Alex 

 Dear Suzanne, 
 I liked feeding the ducks. I also liked peting the chickens. I also liked harvesting the flowers. I liked the smell of the farm. I also liked hearing the sound of the birds. I also liked decorating the Easter Eggs. I also liked collecting the chicken eggs. I also liked going in the greenhouse. 
 Love, Devi 

Dear Suzanne, 
 I loved wen wee fed the ducks snails. I liked peting the chicen. I like how you dye peices of cloth it looks reale cool. I also liked wen wee dyeed Easter eggs. And I thingk that it is cool the way you get water in the duck pool. And I thingk it was reely fun! Thank you a lot! 
Sincerely, Zoe

This boy had a really hard time settling into the visit here. He wouldn’t touch anything or participate until the very end when I led him into the greenhouse to meet a worm. I left him there and he stayed for a long time emerging happy and with a new friend in his hand.

Dear Suzanne, 
I lovd making frinds with a worm. Gathering flowers and decorating eggs was fantastic. I loved the greenhouse. The colored glass and the special wood and the plants made it really beautful. I loved your garden. 
Thank you. 

THIS is why I work with kids here at the ol’ homestead.

One thought on “Letters from the Kids

  1. Genie

    Love your blog. You inspired me to get ducks and chickens of my own. Here’s my entry for this year’s 350 challenge:

    Poultry on the Patio: Backyard Ducks and Chickens

    I’m currently raising two chicks and three ducklings in two home-made brooders in my spare room. As of April 27, the ducks are 3 days old and the chicks are three weeks old. Eventually, they’ll all live together in a coop in my backyard.

    I plan to use their poop in the compost pile and the vegetable garden, and their eggs in the kitchen. They’ll also be pets for my household and hopefully get along with my two cats, Boris and Natasha, who are learning respect for boundaries around the birds, as much as can be expected for cats.

    My neighbor Bob has been instrumental in this project, contributing a disused rabbit hutch for a coop and making numerous carpentry upgrades and suggestions. I’ve also had help and encouragement from Homegrown Guild list serve, local feed stores, petalumaurbanhomestead.com, my neighbors, and especially my pool buddies from Cavanaugh Pool, many of whom are raising poultry themselves.

    It’s been a totally ad hoc project, using repurposed, scavenged and borrowed materials, nothing bought except the birds themselves and their feed. One brooder is two dog carriers wired end to end. The other is a black PVC bathtub, that will eventually become the duck pond, covered with a window screen. The warming lamps are from a home-made UV heat bar that I made several years back.

    It’s been a great adventure so far, and so much fun!

    Thank you.
    Genie Raff eraff@ix.netcom.com

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