The Problem is the Solution

The Permaculture Principle “The Problem is the Solution” rings true.

Bill Mollison once said, “You don’t have a snail problem. You have a duck deficiency”. We’ll we have certainly found that to be true around here. With our four backyard ducks our garden is completely snail-free. On our front porch can be found a bucket labeled, “SNAIL DEPOSITORY”. Our neighbors bring their snails to us and our ducks can’t get enough of them. The ducks turn all that good protein into big nutritious eggs year-round. And, our neighbors don’t have to put out toxic pesticides to solve their snail problems.

I post our need for snails on our neighborhood Yahoo Group list and the snails just arrive. I do ask that they come from pesticide-free gardens. Snails are dropped off at all hours of the day and night. I check the bucket daily and the ducks know it by sight when it’s heading their way. We just call, “duckies!” and all four girls come running up the pathway. It makes us laugh every time. Everybody’s happy.

Another example of this principle comes from our much loved BOVINE BAKERY just downtown. Their tag line is “Bringing fresh, organic, handmade pastries and strong, organic coffee to Petaluma and Pt. Reyes Station“. They have a abundance of kitchen scraps (fruits, vegetables, eggshells and coffee grounds) they don’t want to put in the landfill. We use it to beef up the volume of our compost. Whew! It’s working too. We have been making some beautiful, hot compost around here. Another win-win.

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