The Greenhouse Comes to Life

We love building with recycled, reclaimed and salvaged materials. The redwood for the greenhouse framing came from a disassembled water tank. The wood had been stored in a barn for 50 odd years awaiting reuse. Luckily, someone who knew its value was present when the water tank was taken down. It is beautiful wood.

At Sonoma Compost there are stacks and stacks of reclaimed redwood boards. People tear down Redwood decks and fences and take the wood to the dump. Luckily, they set it aside for reuse. We’ve found gorgeous water tank wood there, as well as beams from old barns. It’s wonderful to see all that useful and beautiful wood being diverted from the wood chipper and eventually the compost heap. Thank you Sonoma Compost! Check them out at They are located at the Sonoma County Landfill. 500 Meacham Road in Petaluma.

The greenhouse rafters are tank wood and the ridge beam is made from old siding off of our house. It was in the lumber pile and it fit the bill. Blessedly, it was unpainted redwood as well. In the background our backyard Redwood tree looks down on the new 6′ X 9′ greenhouse.

All of the windows for the greenhouse walls came from Recycletown ( at the Sonoma County Landfill, Petaluma. We could not have found more perfect windows for our needs. Nine of them six-feet tall with bottom sliding windows and screens for ventilation. They made the project much easier to build because of their height and uniformity.

Now that we have our final dimensions we will look for a door and some front windows at Recycletown or Urban Ore ( Right now, we’re in the middle of a storm so construction has halted. We’ll post any progress once we get back to work.

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