Birds Watching

Ours is a permaculture garden. It is constantly evolving. As we observe more we learn more about what grows well in which parts of the garden. Who likes to grow with who and what kind of soil do they like best. We are still building our long-term goal of a permaculture food forest. It takes time to build and a willingness to adapt (just like the plants).

We have been starting seeds in cold frames for many years now. It works well but now we are ready for something more. So, our dream of a small backyard greenhouse is coming to life.

We are not the only ones adapting to our site. We are not the only ones who live here. We live with many birds both wild and domestic. Every one of them is watching everything we do in the garden.

Now, with a new structure being built it is just too fascinating to resist. A new foundation? Rocks! Ooh! Cutting wood! It’s all too exciting!

Next up, the greenhouse comes to life!

2 thoughts on “Birds Watching

  1. Erin Berry

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but… it seems a while back you had posted a diagram/map of your layout. If so, could you direct me to it? I’m just looking for ideas for backyard livestock housing placement. Thanks : )

  2. Urban Homesteaders


    I’ve never posted a diagram of our site. I can recommend that you place your coop in a spot that gets shade in the heat of the day. Our coop is under large evergreen tree on the north side and a deciduous fruit tree on the south side. In the winter the chickens get the sun they need and in the summer the coop is shaded. The trees over the coop also provide some protection from birds of prey. Something to consider when choosing a site for your backyard livestock.

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