Make your own Mozzarella

Today was fun and it tasted good too!

We made our first batch of Mozzarella! First we had to heat the gallon of milk, the recipe had a strange process for heating the milk, we had to put it in a pot in a sink that was full of hot water, and stir it and watch the temp. until it hit 90 degrees. After that we added the vegetable rennet and let it sit. Then — IT CURDED! : ) after that we strained it and heated it and put it into balls and refrigerated it. For lunch we had sprouted wheat bread toasted with, green garlic pesto, mozzarella, and sun dried tomatoes (made in a dehydrator). It was DELICIOUS!!!
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3 thoughts on “Make your own Mozzarella

  1. Grandma Beth

    Hi Guys.
    I love your site & I really enjoyed your cheese story. Waterr is pretty scarce here, due to drought, so I usually make my cheese in a “pot in a pot” – the bigger one has water in, which I can use later. Haven’t tried Mozzarella yet, but after seeing your photos, I can’t wait!

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