Petaluma Urban Homestead Tour

Spring sprung and we have been harvesting, prepping beds, sowing seeds, planting fruit trees, and planning for the glory of the Summer garden. So, that’s where we’ve been if you were wondering. It’s a busy time around here.

In March we had our first official tour of the ol’ homestead. 50 local high school students came through the place on a field trip for their Ecological Economy class. Their day included tours of two urban homesteads and a trip to the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas where they toured Commonweal Garden. All three are permaculture sites on different scales.

The tour here started in the front driveway with the gates to the backyard open to accommodate everyone. The group had brought snails from the previous site for our ducks who upon discovering the gates open walked right out into the crowd and charmed everyone! There was a discussion of the medicinal plants that have replaced the lawn, the communal growing bed we share with our neighbors where there used to be a giant hedge dividing us, the rainwater catchment system that turned a problem into a solution, the cider press and cider making with locally gleaned apples, designing greywater systems, homescale livestock- chickens, ducks, worms, bees, rabbits, compost making, honey tasting, they also got to look at the permaculture design for this site and our neighbors behind us. Then, off they went to Bolinas! Did we even go on field trips in high school? Lucky dogs.

4 thoughts on “Petaluma Urban Homestead Tour

  1. Sarah

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and would love to check out your homestead the next time you have a tour. I’m up in Santa Rosa working on my own little homestead. I hope you are having a bountiful summer.

  2. Maria

    just found your blog this morning while researching ducks. I’ve recently discovered permaculture & so excited to convert my land to be as self sustainable as possible. Looking forward to reading all your post, hungry for any knowledge I can aquire.

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