Musque de Provence Soiree

Back to the Musque de Provence….

Borrowing a copy of PATRICIA WELLS AT HOME IN PROVENCE the inspired chef of the ol’ homestead got cooking. On the menu for the evening was a Winter Pistou containing a few pounds of Hubbard Squash, garlic, onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes. parsley and thyme all grown here in the garden. It is a wonderful soup including white and red beans, leeks, parsnips and topped with grated Gruyere cheese. From the same cookbook he prepared a Turnip and Cumin Puree and a Celery Root Lasagna. Off the top of his head he came up with a quinoa dish with fresh rosemary, a kitchen-concocted Moroccan style herb blend and sausage made of duck, figs and brandy (found at the Marin Farmer’s Market and made in Hayward, probably from Liberty Ducks of Petaluma). Whew!

When people arrived they were invited to sample family-made wines, homestead-made hard ciders and local cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery, Cypress Grove and Vella. Along with bread from Petaluma’s own Della Fattoria Bakery.

For dessert we served Persimmon Pudding from locally gleaned persimmons and our own ducks’ eggs, pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins for the kids and Sebastopol’s own Taylormaid Coffee with cream from Petaluma’s own Clover Dairy.

Everyone went home with a wedge of Musque de Provence which smelled like a Honeydew melon!

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  1. Evi

    Musque de Provence, the heavenly squash. It’s the best ever. We’re getting ready to throw some on the grill, wrapped in foil to go with our Bratwurst. Found it the first time several winters ago at the Chico Farmer’s Market. Got hooked immediately. :) I’ve got an envelope of seed saved, will share them with friends and see if we can’t grow our own supply.

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