Harvesting the Winter Garden

Well it’s been a while… It’s a busy time in the garden. Lots of harvesting and filling those spots with Summer crops. The garlic was a huge success even the new bed that is mostly shaded in the Winter produced quite a bit. The onions are beautiful and so easy to grow! The kids love picking the carrots. They eat the fat and sweet orange part and feed the green tops to the rabbit. The Scrub Jay’s nest in the apple tree is still quiet. We’re expecting hatchlngs any day. The ducklings and chicken chicks are huge and gobbling up as many snails, slugs, earwigs and sow bugs as they can find.

We got bees! Our friend caught a swarm and brought it to us. They seem very happy in their new home. They are so docile. Anyone can pick blackberries right next to them. The Mullien is blooming in the yard and it’s so fun to watch the bees gather its bright orange pollen. They love the Borage, Yarrow, Toyon, Citrus blossoms and Senicio too. The yard is buzzing! The hive already smells of honey.

One thought on “Harvesting the Winter Garden

  1. Karen

    Hi Suzanne, I am looking to fill in my orchard with more fruit, nut and citrus trees. Have you figured out citrus guilds yet? I am trying to use CA native plants for nurse shrubs and nitrogen fixers, but mostly I am wondering if citrus leaves are allelopathic? We are rebuilding our chicken coop to be more like Ft Knox against the raccoons, getting ready to select 6 new hens, and I love the idea of having Khaki Campbell ducks! We are in El Sobrante, a bit inland and surrounded by Richmond in the East Bay. I doubt I can get my family to accept the idea of honey bee hives here, but we do have wild bees and plenty of other pollinators. Thank you for any info to share, and I appreciate your blog very much! Karen

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